Where hops meet with malt.

The SOWIE Craft Brewery was designed and built from scratch in the traditionally industrial district of Bielawa. And this artisan provenance of the place has been combined with modern technology. All devices and lines present the latest technological trends. Our brewery is not a finished work. We are constantly improving technology and enriching our resources with technological innovations. In the face of market reaction to our production, we decided to develop storage rooms to double our production capacity in 2018.

The brewery is part of the Bielawska Wytwórnia Drinków, and the fruit of close cooperation is a non-alcoholic drink produced by our brewers on the basis of original recipes – kvass “Młody Buk”.
As we develop technical facilities, the concepts and competences of our brewers develop. Production processes are subject to permanent development. If you are interested in details – write to us and contact our brewers.